Monday, August 31, 2015

April 2015 Project Life (Weeks 15-18)

I was in the mood to scrapbook last week and got quite a bit done when I could. It's especially handy now that I do all my Project Life on their app. More convenience and easier!

Here's my layouts for April.

Week 15: Not much going on this week. Visiting great-grandparents, shenanigans around the house, lots of playing with Lego and riding horses. Kits used: Love Story, Everyday Adventure.

Week 16: This week included lots of playing outside, family date to Mongo's for supper, knitting and more playing.

Week 17, 1st spread: This was a busy week.This first spread is the beginning of the week, and Dominique's Smash Cake that she had for her 1st birthday. She absolutely loved it.

Week 17, 2nd spread: The left side of this spread is Dominique's 2 birthday parties that she had for her 1st birthday (split families suck. That's all I'm saying). The right side is usual stuff that goes on, including getting both girls to ride horses.

Week 18: This week was back to normal. Lots more playing outside, watching out little garden grow, celebrating Keith's birthday and our 7th anniversary.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Double Sided Knitting: Mario Mushroom

I'm finally done this! 

Started on July 29, 2015

I was inspired by the ladies over at Lattes and Llamas and their Geek-Along Blanket that they started in 2014. It looked awesome! I was in the middle of knitting Violet her blanket and then had plans to do Dominique's rainbow blanket. I took a bit of a knitting break after doing those two blankets (especially because Dominique's was almost mind-numbing to do after a while), but once I got a bunch more yarn, found some videos on YouTube on how to do Double Sided Knitting, I picked up my needles and went to work.
Major screw ups here.

I chose the Mario Mushroom for a couple reasons. First of all, the Mario Mushroom is cute. And totally recognizable. While I was working on it, Violet would always ask if I was working on Mario and if I was done yet. I think she thinks I'm making this for her. Lol. Second is that it was one of the more easier patterns to start with. I've never done double sided knitting before this, so I was looking for something relatively easy. Thirdly, I had the colours on hand on hand and could start right away.

The only big set-back was that I had to re-do it when I got half-way through the first one because of major screw ups (you can see in the 2nd photo above). Again, first time double knitting, and I didn't read my pattern properly. After noticing how badly I screw up, I took it all apart, re-cast it and re-started it. 

Once I re-casted and re-started, I had a better understanding of what I was doing and it came together in under a week. And when I finished it, I basically had to fight the girls off (I may have been doing a happy dance sitting down), so that I could cast it off and be done with it!

I know there's one major screw up here, but I call that line "I had to stop and referee the kids from fighting over the chalkboard and mis-counted my stitches."

Now, onto another one!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 - Sunday

Last day of Week in the Life for 2015! I'm signing off early, so there's not a whole lot of photos for today, but it still represents today.

I'm grateful for the car that we have. It gets us where we need to go, especially when the weather turns bad like this morning before I left for work.

I am grateful for my job. I may complain and grumble about it, but in the end, I only work weekends and it helps with some bills and stuff around the house.

I am grateful for Keith's experimentation with cooking. He's attempting to make a homemade BBQ sauce.

I am grateful for this little girl's smiles when I greet her.

I am thankful for technology, a hot cup of tea, and the little Olaf that Violet gave to me.

I am grateful for comfy clothes today. 

I am grateful for this big girl. She always smiling, always wanting to show me something and always wanting to help, especially when I run errands.

I am grateful for her own sense of style, and even the backwards shoes that she put on today.

I am thankful for the toys that my kids have to play with. Even though they may get damaged that I have to throw them away (Poor Anna.....), the kids learn how to take care of their toys.

I am grateful for this big window that lets in lots of light.

Not pictured: I'm grateful that Dominique is attempting walking and went a couple feet in between me and Keith today all by herself! Lots of cheering on for her.

I am grateful for simple suppers of hot dogs.

I'm grateful for movies on rainy days that the kids love. 

Even though it's expensive right now to fuel up the car, I'm grateful that we can.

I'm grateful for Keith's idea to grab Blizzards today as a treat for all of us. M&M's for Violet, Skor with Peanut Butter for Keith and Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Dough for myself.

I'm grateful for time spent around the table.

That wraps it up for me!

As to what I'm going to do with all the photos and words? I'll most likely put together a book through Shutterfly. I did for last year and it worked out great. I'm not sure on the size and layout yet, but I'll deal with that when I get there.

Thanks for stopping by!

Week in the Life 2015 - Saturday

Welcome to Saturdays Week in the Life! Almost done!

Again, it was a crazy day today, so this post is up late. But at least it's recorded!

Here we go!

Saturdays are for waking up really early. I work the early morning shift at my work, and while it's nice to be off early (it's usually a 5am-1pm, or 6am-2pm), it still sucks waking up before the sun is even up.

Saturday's are for having a good breakfast being work. In this case, sausage wrap and chocolate milk. At least it will keep me going until my first break.

Saturdays are also for playing Clash of Clans during breaks at work.

This Saturday was for getting drenched in the downpour on my way home from work on my scooter. I was literally dripping water when I walked in.

Saturday are for good naptimes, especially when she leaves the light on and passes out for a bit.

Saturdays also include lots of dishes and a bit of a messy kitchen.

This Saturday included lots of rain. 

Saturdays are for toys strewn all over the house.

This Saturday was for putting Dominique's hair into a small ponytail. She absolutely loved it and kept climbing back into my lap to have me re-do it a couple times.

Saturdays are for reading lots of books. This little one loves it. 

Saturdays are for little sister bugging big sister to wake up. Actually, Dominique does this almost every day to Violet, but it's still sweet to see.

Saturdays are for lots of playing together because we couldn't go outside because of the heavy amount of rain.

Saturdays are for this little one figuring out how to eat with my big spoon.

Saturdays call for more dishes.

This Saturday night is for watching another storm roll in.

Saturday nights are for DANCE PARTIES!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 - Friday

Sorry for posting so late! Friday evening ended very early for me as I started work at 5am Saturday morning, so I didn't have time to prep my post until after the girls went to bed on Saturday.

Today I'm captioning all the photos with "I Want to Remember." Most of the these photos I took are things that I want to remember further down the line.

Here we go!
I want to remember this little girl waking up early every morning, almost without fail. And most of the time, Keith gets her and brings her to me in our bed for a bit of morning snuggles before starting the day.

I want to remember that this big girl isn't that much of a morning person.

I want to remember Dominique waving and saying "bye!" to Keith when he leaves for work in the morning with big enthusiasm.

I want to remember that before Keith leaves, Violet always runs up to him, asking for one more hug and kiss.

I want to remember that as soon as Keith is out the door, Violet runs to the front window and stands there, waving goodbye to him as he leaves for work.

I want to remember that this one is a bit of a struggle to do diaper changes. She likes to escape when she can.

I want to remember how much pink clothes Dominique has in her closet.

I want to remember that she loves putting LEGO pieces together and taking them apart.

I want to remember that Violet loves to help with grocery shopping by picking out the produce for me.

I want to remember that grocery shopping with my sister Sam is fun.

I want to remember that Violet always wants to see the Lobsters and call them "Monsters!!"

I want to remember stopping by the Pet Store about every 2 weeks to get more food for Pascal, the Guinea Pig.

I want to remember how much she loves the Splash Park and asks to go there every single day.

I want to remember that she's trying to be a big girl as well and trying to help with the laundry.

I want to remember that I use Friday's to meal prep for the weekend. 

I want to remember that most of the time, these two play nicely together and share books.

I want to remember Violet's love of books, and that she's adamant that she has to have a big pile by her bed for nap/quiet time in the afternoon.

I want to remember that during nap/quiet time, I like to sit down and watch some Netflix and do some knitting, with some fresh tea by my side.

I want to remember the face Dominique makes when there is no food directly in front of her at snack time.

I want to remember that this is how Violet "helps" with laundry right now. At least until I tell her to actually help, then she sits and helps me sort everything and puts her own laundry away.