Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dear Dominique | 1 Year

Dear Dominique:

Today is the day you turn 1 year old. And my how the time has flown. I’d like to say that you remained my little baby, but let’s be honest, you were never little to begin with. You’ve taken up so much space in my heart from day 1 and continue to take up more. It’s a good thing Mommy has lots of room in her heart for all the love out there.

These days, you are not stationary very long, preferring to be as mobile as you can, crawling over things, starting to grasp whatever you can to stand up, starting to take uncertain wobbly steps that will one day lead to you running around the house.
And the noise. Oh girl. You make enough noise to cover you and your big sister some days. But it’s awesome. And I love it. Especially around 6:30 in the morning when you wake up and Mommy and Daddy are just waking up. You sit there in your crib and just babble away to your blanket and teddy bear. And I lay in bed, listening to you talk, smiling.

By the way, I won’t even mention the food that you eat. Let’s just say that you eat as much as your big sister at most meals. End of story.
Surprisingly, you’ve adjusted quite well to Mommy being back at work 1-2 days a week and spending that time with Daddy and Violet. Daddy always makes sure to keep you up until I get home so that I can put you down for morning nap and smother you in kisses and tickles.

Oh, another thing. Adrenaline Baby. That’s all I have to say.
Thank you for the awesome year that you’ve given us and the great blessing that you’ve been.

Love you so much Baby Girl.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Story of a Rainbow Knitted Blanket

Ok, Ok. I know I said that I'd have this post up on Monday, but I was sick over the weekend, plus working on Saturday and had an impromptu family date on Sunday that took up most of the day. So, here we go.

I'm glad to announce that I finished up Dominique's knitted rainbow blanket! Took me almost 5 months of working on it (although I'm tempted to say 4 months because I really didn't touch it during December). But I'm glad I'm done. And just in time for Dominique's birthday on Thursday.

I am actually quite pleased with how it turned out, being my second knitted blanket and all. There are some holes here and there due to dropped stitches, but I made it work. I did only 6 colours instead of 7, but it still looks good.

Near the end, I basically knitted whenever I had the chance. Kids watching cartoons, me watching a movie, talking with Mom, during Girls' Nights, etc. You get the picture.

I didn't measure it yet, but it's a good size. And no, I didn't count the stitches either. I kind of went with the flow and did as many as I felt comfortable with. Although it is quite long, but still works to wrap Dominique up in it. So cozy.

I'm very proud of myself for actually completing this blanket. Now it's off to do another one!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Currently 16/52

Reading Hunger Games. I‘ve read it a couple time already, but it was sitting on my nightstand, just begging to be read again.
Playing with yarn. Lots of yarn.
Watching the new DareDevil series on Netflix. LOVE!!
Trying to get over this stupid sinus cold I have. At least it’s on its way out, but now Keith is sick as well. Boo!
Scrapping my 2015 Project Life album. Got a couple weeks behind while I was finishing up 2014, but I’m hoping by the end of the weekend to be caught up again.
Doing nothing much this weekend. Finally. Except work on Saturday, but that's only 6 hours.
Loving the quiet during nap time. Both girls are exhausting themselves in the fresh air and then pass out for 2-3 hours while I get some time to myself and maybe a nap(?)

Discovering that Dominique is getting closer to walking and grabbing anything she can so that she can stand up.
Enjoying watching Violet master more skills. She can almost wash her own hair with shampoo and she’s learning how to clean Pascal’s (the guinea pig) cage with me and how to feed him. She is so proud of herself these days.
Thinking of what to do for our anniversary in 2 weeks. It will be 7 years for us, so probably something small.
Hoping for the good weather to continue. Spring has arrived!!!
Considering another big knitted blanket. I definitely am crazy.
Finished Dominique’s knitted blanket earlier in the week. Look for a blog post about it on Monday!
Listening to my neighbour be OCD with his leaf blower. Drives me crazy!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Currently 15/52

Reading lots of short books with the girls. Both Violet and Dominique love being read to, and it’s awesome.
Playing Mario Bros. on the Wii.
Watching nothing much this week. I kind of banned the TV/movies during the day and I kind of like it.
Trying to finish Dominique’s blanket this weekend between an Easter gathering and working.
Cooking food for an Easter gathering this weekend with Keith’s Mom and Step-Dad. Lots of food.

Eating pizza for lunch with my sister Sam.
Drinking as always…..tea. Although I have been starting my mornings out with a glass of water.
Going to work this weekend. It’s nice to be able to earn a bit of money, but at the same time, I’m working with teenagers….
Hating the headache that has started.
Discovering that Dominique is boycotting her morning and evening naps, except for a 20 minute power nap in the morning and an 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. I’m not sure how I feel about this…..
Starting on plans to learn double sided knitting and make an awesome blanket, possibly this on a smaller scale.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Tale of a Guinea Pig

So according to Keith, Violet needed a pet.

He had texted me during the day, saying that he was going to take Violet out after he got home from work for a little bit of a date. Violet was excited to go out with Daddy all by herself. Keith got home early and took Violet in the car with him. He didn't tell me where they were going, but I took it as a good sign.

45 minutes later, Violet walks in the front door, holding a small box and exclaiming "Mommy! I got a guinea pig!" WHAT?!?! I quasi didn't believe her, until Keith walked in behind her, holding everything else for the new resident rodent.

Yup, her and Daddy's date, was picking out a guinea pig as her pet. Keith mentioned that she's been really responsible lately and that it would be a good idea to get her a small pet to learn more responsibility for herself. At least it wasn't a mouse.

 While we were setting everything up, we were asking Violet what his name would be. She wouldn't give an answer, so I started throwing names out there. She settled on Pascal (the chameleon from Tangled), so Pascal it is!

She's really taken a liking to him, and reminds me every morning that his cage needs to be cleaned because "He pooped Mommy!" And she loves to play with him on her bed while I clean the cage, as long as Dominique isn't around. She gets a tad too excited about Pascal and I'm scared that she's going to squish him if she gets her little hands on him.

Even after having him a month, he's turned out to be a pretty good pet for Violet. She takes good care of him and offers him his daily treat as well.